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15 Things Organized People do more of

Written by Amy Volk of   After organizing homes and offices for over 8 years now, I have come to believe that there are certain habits that organized people have in common.  Rather than focus on what UNorganized people do to be UNorganized, it’s far better for us to learn


3 Life-Changing Truths on Productivity

Having BIG beautiful goals means that there's a lot to get done.   Whether your goal is to kick butt at work, to be super present with your growing family, build a profitable business or to travel the world (or all of the above), creating habits that increase productivity can help


Should I back up to the cloud?

Okay, here’s an interesting quote from a seminar I went to recently: "Backing up to a cloud based system is safer than just your laptop with a password." Say what? Meet K.J. McCorry of Officiency, an organizational expert who helps clients and businesses automate and streamline