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Q&A With Space Doula Dorena Kohrs

It’s January 2019, folks, and this month, I could not be more excited to highlight my spiritual sister and incredible friend Dorena Kohrs, creator and owner of Space Doula. Dorena is what I refer to as a magical unicorn who came into my life at


10 Remedies for your Unmotivated Messy Home Moments

  Last week was a series of mad-dash deadlines and unrelenting chaos. Consequently, my apartment became a war-zone of unfolded laundry, dirty dishes, and overall disaster. This happens.   Being an organized person doesn't mean your home is always perfect. Being organized means returning back to order quickly & effectively when


“Sweater” Bin Storage: 3 Ways

I heard a funny quote this week that called organizing the "new food porn." I thought it was hilarious, but I totally get it. Who doesn't love a good "before & after" or peek inside a tidy office supply drawer? We humans have an innate