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10 Tips for a Plastic-Free Kitchen

  Written by Larkin Gayl   As you find ways to declutter and simplify your home, keep in mind that knowing what your possessions are made of is just as important as being in touch with how they make you feel.   Chances are, you’ve been hearing about the

Small Kitchen Organizing Ideas & Storage Tips // Simply Spaced

Small Kitchen Organizing Ideas & Storage Tips

Any high traffic, multi-use space can become victim to a sea of clutter and chaos. That's why we love organizing and styling kitchens. When set up with intention, a kitchen can become the backbone of a functional home. However, organizing small kitchens offer a unique challenge


Genius DIY Lid Storage for the Kitchen

It's no secret that organizers love simple hooks. From hats to keys, to jewelry, these simple space savers are household must-haves that come in all shapes and sizes. What we love most is discovering new uses for them. Enter Pinterest. Have you ever scrolled though


Your Kitchen needs this: Cool DIY Grocery List

The most transformational organizing principle that I've implemented into my routine is writing down everything that pops into my head that requires action. When I say everything, I mean anything that takes more than 2 minutes to accomplish. . I adopted this principle after reading David Allen's widely celebrated book,


14 ways to Organize with S-hooks

When I stumbled across this multi-purposed storage solution that is SUPER affordable and customizable, I just about squealed and jumped for joy (organization nerd alert*)! After doing some experimentation, I've decided that s-hooks are the star of hanging storage solutions because of a few things.   S-Hooks (when placed


7 Ways to Organize Using Wire Shelving

Wire Shelving is pretty swanky. Some people assume that these sturdy, industrial-style shelving units can only be used for organizing garages or storage units, but I beg to differ! Here are 7 attractive and useful ways to use wire shelving to expand your in-home storage and keep