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Google Photos: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

It can be said that as organizers, we are constantly looking for the perfect solution for photo organization. When it comes to digital photo storage, it really is the Wild West out there. Increasingly inclined to go digital for ourselves and clients, we’re always looking


Should I back up to the cloud?

Okay, here’s an interesting quote from a seminar I went to recently: "Backing up to a cloud based system is safer than just your laptop with a password." Say what? Meet K.J. McCorry of Officiency, an organizational expert who helps clients and businesses automate and streamline


Saving time online: a browser makeover

One of my favorite digital hacks is the The Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar. It's an easy toolbar plug-in that reduces site navigation to a favicon only browser. With a few easy steps, and two minutes, you too can experience a clutter-free browser and be one step