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12 Creative Spaces for the Organized Artist

Whether you're a traditional type of artist, like a writer or painter, or a modern-day website designer or blogger, creating a designated corner or room for your projects is key. . Research has shown that our brain associates our environment with its corresponding actions, which makes it easier to access


Display Kids Artwork with Style

As a professional organizer and designer, I spend a lot of time scouring the internet. I love using Pinterest and blogs, for cool new ideas and revolutionary insights, but lately it's taken a lot to really surprise me. I see a lot of the same


Pegboards that live Outside the Box

Pegboards earned their "street cred" in the garage as the go-to wall mounted tool organizer. Now they're used for everything from jewelry, belts, craft supplies, gardening tools… you want it on the wall? Pegboards have got you covered!   While these wall storage gurus are used just