Our Story


an organizing service and lifestyle company focused on transforming cluttered minds and spaces. We are a team of women passionately committed to helping you shift from “overwhelmed” to “overjoyed” by sharing the principles of minimalism, streamlining, and simplifying, in style. 



that simplicity and order create the mental and physical space we all need to thrive.


that filling our lives with fewer, high quality things leads to more joy.


that everyone can cultivate new habits that make getting organized achievable and sustainable. 



With a design background in the fast paced film industry, I’ve spent over ten years cultivating a curiosity in the art of efficient space design, time management, and the power of organizational systems. In 2011 it was an unexpected curve ball that reminded me that work without a balanced home life will leave you feeling stuck and overwhelmed. By consciously creating space and time for what mattered most, ridding myself of the non-essential, or as organizers call it, decluttering, I learned that order was the catalyst for creativity. By applying principles and hacks from my own life, I’ve become passionate about enabling transformation in the lives of others by creating space for what truly matters.



You’ll often hear me say: “There’s an app for that”

Ask me about: “How I got married”

Can’t live without: “Coffee and Post-its”

Can’t live without while traveling: “ipad and packing cubes”

Currently Reading: Essentialism by Greg McKeown

Most significant organizational Aha: “You can’t take it with you”


My professional background is in digital marketing and business development, and I love the creativity and strategy surrounding these fields. Today, I’m able to marry all my passions: business, organizing, and people. In my spare time, I gravitate towards thinking through ‘matters of the heart’ and helping people restrategize on how to become more joyful, successful, and fulfilled. That’s how professional organizing found me. Launching my professional organizing company in 2013 was inspired by a desire to help people thrive.  By working with individuals to ‘master their stuff’ through organizing principles, I found an external practice that can elicit an internal transformation. I was immediately hooked and still am. I’m passionate about helping people eliminate the mental and physical clutter that’s holding them back from what I call: ‘a life well lived.’



You’ll often hear me say: “How does that contribute to the goal?”
Ask me about: “My love for trees”
Can’t live without: “A good book”
Can’t live without while traveling: “snack pack”
Currently Reading: The Artist’s Way (Julia Cameron)
Most significant organizational Aha: “Quality over quantity”

’’Every person who comes into my office wants to know who helped me put it together. I trust SIMPLY SPACED implicitly and highly recommend this great service.’’

Shana, Universal Studios, CA

"I used to feel defeated, seeing all the clutter I had created; this feeling has, thankfully, departed.’’

Walter, Arcadia, CA

’’The girls at SIMPLY SPACED have given me back my house.’’

C. Copper, Los Angeles, CA