No Mess, No Stress Holiday Gift Guide

. If you’re anything like us over here at Simply Spaced, you appreciate a thoughtful, curated, yet hassle-free gift - not more clutter to stress about in 2019. We’re inundated with millions of options out there and shopping can get overwhelming really fast. Not to mention


15 Things Organized People do more of

Written by Amy Volk of AmyVolk.com   After organizing homes and offices for over 8 years now, I have come to believe that there are certain habits that organized people have in common.  Rather than focus on what UNorganized people do to be UNorganized, it’s far better for us to learn


Your Kitchen needs this: Cool DIY Grocery List

The most transformational organizing principle that I've implemented into my routine is writing down everything that pops into my head that requires action. When I say everything, I mean anything that takes more than 2 minutes to accomplish. . I adopted this principle after reading David Allen's widely celebrated book,