how to organize your incoming paperwork and mail

How to Organize your Mail and Incoming Papers

Most people have a contentious relationship with paperwork, and we get it. Nobody likes to pay bills or deal with a notice. Consequently, people avoid it all together — resulting in piled up papers, misplaced forms, and overall overwhelm.   The key to feeling effortlessly on top of all those papers is

Kid's Art Books created through the Artkive App

How to Make Books from Kids’ Art

As professional organizers, we hear one question all the time: "What do I do with all my kids’ art?" With so many cool ideas out there, we love discovering new ways to answer this question for our clients. We are so happy to share one


Pretty Paperwork: How to organize your files

Written by Jiliane of . Paperwork can weigh us down, physically and mentally. It can discourage and distract us, keeping us from the important things in life – like having fun and spending time with friends and family! Here are my top 5 tips for filing: . 1. KEEP COPIES