5 Tips for Organizing Halloween Costumes

I don't typically get all that excited for Halloween, but this year I'm feeling the spirit! I stumbled across a wild black and white fur jacket at a vintage store this past weekend, and am feeling inspired to pull together a fabulous Cruella Deville getup. But after

Kid's Art Books created through the Artkive App

How to Make Books from Kids’ Art

As professional organizers, we hear one question all the time: "What do I do with all my kids’ art?" With so many cool ideas out there, we love discovering new ways to answer this question for our clients. We are so happy to share one


Display Kids Artwork with Style

As a professional organizer and designer, I spend a lot of time scouring the internet. I love using Pinterest and blogs, for cool new ideas and revolutionary insights, but lately it's taken a lot to really surprise me. I see a lot of the same


Creative & cute nursery storage

Having a baby means gifts, gadgets and gizmos galore! Thinking about storage solutions early on can save time and maximize time with baby. Here's a roundup of our favorite storage ideas for baby and beyond:     1. Brilliant Baby Baskets: These hanging beauties are perfect for storing