No Mess, No Stress Holiday Gift Guide

. If you’re anything like us over here at Simply Spaced, you appreciate a thoughtful, curated, yet hassle-free gift - not more clutter to stress about in 2019. We’re inundated with millions of options out there and shopping can get overwhelming really fast. Not to mention

Meet Co-Founder Monica Leed

Meet Simply Spaced Co-Founder Monica Leed

Hi friends! Monica here. I am the owner of Simply Spaced. Thank you for stopping by. A little about me.. Despite being born in NJ, I was actually raised in Arizona, a desert gal through and through. I am a designer, organizer who spends her days helping creatives get


“Sweater” Bin Storage: 3 Ways

I heard a funny quote this week that called organizing the "new food porn." I thought it was hilarious, but I totally get it. Who doesn't love a good "before & after" or peek inside a tidy office supply drawer? We humans have an innate


Headspace at Home: how to create more of it

Written by Allie Kleinman of Organized by Allie  . Meditation, being out in nature, and exercising are great techniques for clearing your mind.  But I also believe your home – the place you likely spend quite a bit of time in – plays a role in how clear-headed you


12 Creative Spaces for the Organized Artist

Whether you're a traditional type of artist, like a writer or painter, or a modern-day website designer or blogger, creating a designated corner or room for your projects is key. . Research has shown that our brain associates our environment with its corresponding actions, which makes it easier to access


Google Photos: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

It can be said that as organizers, we are constantly looking for the perfect solution for photo organization. When it comes to digital photo storage, it really is the Wild West out there. Increasingly inclined to go digital for ourselves and clients, we’re always looking