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10 Tips for a Plastic-Free Kitchen

  Written by Larkin Gayl   As you find ways to declutter and simplify your home, keep in mind that knowing what your possessions are made of is just as important as being in touch with how they make you feel.   Chances are, you’ve been hearing about the


Q&A With Space Doula Dorena Kohrs

It’s January 2019, folks, and this month, I could not be more excited to highlight my spiritual sister and incredible friend Dorena Kohrs, creator and owner of Space Doula. Dorena is what I refer to as a magical unicorn who came into my life at


No Mess, No Stress Holiday Gift Guide

. If you’re anything like us over here at Simply Spaced, you appreciate a thoughtful, curated, yet hassle-free gift - not more clutter to stress about in 2019. We’re inundated with millions of options out there and shopping can get overwhelming really fast. Not to mention