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By and large, the holidays are over the top and ceremoniously over budget. This year we are practicing what we preach with a “less is more” approach to Christmas decor without compromising on style and creativity. As such, we have compiled a list of minimal decor ideas that are brilliant and beautiful without breaking the bank. We’re squashing the shopping frenzy by incorporating everyday items, elements of nature and bit of creative DIY. Here’s 18 holiday decor solutions, inspiring us to simplify this holiday season:



My mother-in-law always says, “you go from eating to dining by adding flowers and candles.” We certainly can’t overlook the power of a little ambient light for a simple touch of romance and whimsy. Simple white candles create instant ambiance and set the mood for a warm and lovely holiday. White goes with everything and chances are you’ve got some lying around the house.


Candles as Simple Christmas Decor


1. We love the simple, elegant addition of Eucalyptus to frame these simple white pillar candles in a tabletop centerpiece via al la mode montreal


2. Tree pine adds a touch of glam to these long stem candlesticks above via Inspiration Lane. You don’t need much else with this dazzling duo.


3. Natural materials like wooden candle holders tie in seasonal elements for a subtle, earthly vibe with major impact. Bonus points for pulling Bambi from the toy bin!



Nothing says holiday like a Christmas Tree, but if hauling a large living object into your home isn’t your vibe this year, we love these alt options that pack major punch with minimal effort.


Minimal Christmas trees


1.  I love the idea of a simple wood fame Christmas tree inspired by a desire for a tidy, ‘needle’less holiday. Bold and graphic this DIY can be used year after year. Anyone with a crafty cousin? Send her our way. source unknown.


2. To achieve a simple, but stunning set up, try making a String Light Christmas Tree like the one above via a pair & a spare. Thumbtacks and white string lights? Easy Peazy.


3. Opting for a smaller tree may also be the ticket. You don’t need a lot to achieve this simple look. ‘Less is more’ truly applies here. Stick to a monochrome color palette and incorporate neutral materials like wicker baskets to hold a smaller tree. We are really loving this trend via Monday to Sunday Home



We realize that there are some of you who prefer adding every ornament under the sun to the tree, and for kids’ its a great attraction, but we found some cool ideas that streamline your look in keeping with ‘family friendly’ fun.


Minimal Christmas Ornaments


1. We love the look and airy feel of simple wooden, geometric ornaments from Snug Studio. If you are feeling crafty, a trip to Michaels may be in order to achieve a similar effect.


2. Another minimal idea is ornament balls in one solid color like these Shiny Winter White Shatterproof ornaments with hand lettering for a fun, family-friendly DIY. I love the idea of capturing messages and memories on the surface. Yet another use for our favorite new pens by Wine glass writer  perchance?


3.  For a simple out-of-the-box idea, we also love these clear acrylic, fillable ball ornaments made with natural, found materials. I know some kids who would be up for this challenge.



Nothing says Christmas like pine cones, snow globes and time with the family. This year we are feeling inspired to get out the glue gun and get crafty with these easy DIY tutorials made from a combination natural materials and easy to find items.


Minimal DIY Christmas Decor


1. Pine cone garland is a quick and easy way to add holiday cheer to a tree, mantle or table setting this season. We love this DIY Gold Leaf Pine Cone Garland via The Sweetest Occasion. Who’s ready to go pine cone picking? Don’t worry, if you don’t have pine cones in your back yard, you can order them here. 


2. I know I have too many mason jars in my house, so I love the idea of this DIY Mason Jar Snow globe via Grand Design Co. This would be such a great project to do with my nieces. Check out the full tutorial on their site.


3. Mini DIY Christmas trees make a great gifts and add subtle decor to all areas of the house. You can usually find these seasonally at your local grocer. Explore the full how-to via My Scandinavian Home




There is something so beautiful about simplicity around the holidays. We often encourage experience over things and quality over quantity, so when it comes to a tradition we all partake in, gift wrapping, we wanted to find some inspiration that follow suit.


Minimal Gift Wrap


1. If simple is your style, you can’t go wrong with white butcher paper and these free printable labels from Almost Makes Perfect. You could also DIY your own with your handy sharpie or a watercolor brush. This clean, crisp minimal look has us dreaming of a white Christmas. I feel calmer already.


2. DIY Gift wrap via Almost Makes Perfect incorporates simple craft paper, a bit of white paint, and endless creative juices. I love this simple, streamlined look. I can’t wait for splattering!!


3. A touch of tree and a bit of twine makes this wrapping paper project completely divine. I love the idea that you could use the insides of brown paper bags for a truly green approach to accomplish this pretty look via The Design Chaser




One thing we’ll all be doing this season is a lot of eating. We love the idea of adding simple items you already own to decorate your dining table.


Minimal Christmas Placesettings


1. This eucalyptus and string placesetting via Alice and Lois  is so simple and so lovely. What big impact a tiny sprig makes. 


2. Twine and Pine and Cinnamon sticks make this place setting via Monday to Sunday Home  a home run. Can you imagine how amazing that must smell?


3. And finally, a favorite, this cookie cutter napkin ring via La Maison D’ Anna G. Our pretty rose gold cooke cutters would be so adorable! I can’t wait to test this one out.


Do you have Minimal Christmas Decor ideas to share? We’d love to know how you are simplifying this season. Help us get inspired or check our Minimal Christmas Decor board on Pinterest for more ideas. We will be pinning throughout the season so follow along. Happy Holidays!!


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