Meet Co-Founder Monica Leed

Meet Simply Spaced Co-Founder Monica Leed

Hi friends! Monica here. I am the owner of Simply Spaced. Thank you for stopping by. A little about me..

Despite being born in NJ, I was actually raised in Arizona, a desert gal through and through. I am a designer, organizer who spends her days helping creatives get organized. In case you didn’t already know, I LOVE organizing (NERD ALERT!!!). But not unlike many professional organizers, I did not start off along this path.

I moved to LA in 2006 to purse an MFA in Film and worked in Production Design for over ten years. As a filmmaker, I worked in the art department on films both big and small, and learned many of the valuable skills around space design and productivity that I use every day with my clients.

In 2011,  my husband and I were dealt a serious blow. A near fatal car accident seriously changed the course of our lives. Without getting into the details, suffice it to say, I took some time to reassess the rat race I found myself in that left me feeling unbalanced.  Ultimately, I took heed from the universe and made a lot of changes. By clearing the emotional and physical clutter that kept me from feeling whole and happy, I transformed my home, my mind and my life. Thats how Simply Spaced was born. In 2014, I partnered with Mel to share these lessons with the world.

Meet Monica

I’ve always been interested in organizing, but truth, I have not always been organized. I think what fascinates me most about the job I have now, is that the principles I have learned have made such a huge impact on my own life. As a creative, I can attest to the fact that being organized is life changing. I really do believe that clearing clutter is a catalyst for creativity.

As a professional, and Simply Spaced Co-Founder, I work one-on-one with clients in various creative fields to coach them through the decluttering process. I am lucky enough to work here in sunny California, with clients who inspire and encourage me every day. I love my job, creating my own hours, ever changing projects, and having autonomy over my schedule. I am inspired by the work that I do, the behind the scenes, running a business, branding, and all that goes along with owning your own gig. And most of all, I love transformations.

I hope that all of you reading this will continue to follow, and have fun right along side us. I’m so grateful to our community and to all the clients, friends and followers who have made this venture possible.


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