5 Tips for Organizing Halloween Costumes

I don’t typically get all that excited for Halloween, but this year I’m feeling the spirit! I stumbled across a wild black and white fur jacket at a vintage store this past weekend, and am feeling inspired to pull together a fabulous Cruella Deville getup. But after doing quite a bit of costume research, I’m shocked to see how expensive off-the-shelf Halloween costumes can be.


It got me thinking creatively about recycling pieces from past years, and how an organized costume collection can certainly improve ones sanity (and bank accounts) each year.


That rhinestone headband or those white gloves could be repurposed for a variety of costumes! So why would you run out to buy a new expensive outfit? Perhaps it’s because so many of us don’t know where our costume items are! Maybe they’re all in different locations, or the box is overstuffed or out of reach.


For many of us, disorganization is a roadblock for making use of what we already own. Now that Halloween is right around the corner, this is the perfect time to reassess your costume mess. If you have a designated and organized home for all your costumes, getting your outfit together can be a seamless process next year, and for years to come.


Here are 5 storage solutions for creating a tidy costume cove, so that pulling your costume together is seamless.


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For a classic solution, we love weathertight plastic bins that will protect your costumes over the long haul, and keep them preserved without exposure to the elements. Adding labels and stowing the bins in your garage is a simple solution if you like to keep dress up limited to once a year. Image via Bowl Full of Lemons 



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For most of us, costumes only see the light of day at the end of October every year. To keep costumes clean and protected, try a bag like this Large Heavy-Duty Flat Bag.  By vacuuming out the air, costumes can be stowed under the bed or in a box without taking up much space. Also, this is a great storage solution for attics or garages because it protects items from mildew, critters, and dirt. Image via the Pioneer Woman 



Organized Halloween Costumes // storage solutions // vintage bins // www.simplyspaced.com



As an alternative to stowing costumes in a plastic airtight bin in your garage or closet, try a lidded box or vintage trunk (Like this one) that’s so beautiful that it acts as decor. If you have kids, they’ll love sifting though the trunk throughout the year, but you are also setting limits on how much they can keep. These two examples are brilliant for keeping costumes concealed yet accessible. Image 1 via Design Sponge & Image 2 via AliExpress



Organized Halloween Costumes // storage solutions // ziploc bags // www.simplyspaced.com



To keep multi-piece costumes together and easy to find, try using large ziploc bags with a simple hand-written label. This is a great way to corral all the small accessories that often accompany costumes. Adding the size and year will make them easier to process in years to come.  Image via Graceful Order 



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If your kids love a game of dress up, consider creating a ‘dress up corner’ to make use of costumes all year long.  Here, Joni of Lay Baby Lay, shows us a DIY clothing rack for kiddos’ collections. Isn’t this simply darling?


Are you organizing your costume collection this month? Share pictures with us on social by tagging your picture #AnOrganizingStory. We can’t wait to see! xo Melody



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