Kid's Art Books created through the Artkive App

How to Make Books from Kids’ Art

As professional organizers, we hear one question all the time: “What do I do with all my kids’ art?” With so many cool ideas out there, we love discovering new ways to answer this question for our clients. We are so happy to share one of our favorite solutions by making beautiful books from kids’ art.


We recently talked about setting up Art & Memento bins at the beginning of the school year to gather all your kids’ precious memories all year long. On the other hand, if you are like many moms, you likely have last year’s art lying around the house. Overwhelmed moms, meet Artkive.


Here’s our step-by-step guide to Artkiving: How to Make Books from Your Kids’ Art. We hope you enjoy our review of the app that celebrates your kids’ creativity and keeps you organized by safely preserving their art in high-quality, beautiful books!


DOWNLOAD THE APP First, downloading the app is easy. Simply head on over to the app store in iTunes and download the app on your chosen device. The cost for the app is $4.99, plus the cost of the books, which is well worth the small investment. TIP: The great thing about the Artkive app is that it syncs across your devices. We used it on the iPhone, iPad, and desktop offering a variety of ways to make your custom books.


Make books from Kids' art


GATHER AND SEPARATE KIDS ART BY CHILD AND SCHOOL YEAR  If you’ve started to think about turning your kids’ art into books, we highly recommend separating the art by child and school year. We love these weathertight storage bins for setting limits on what we collect, and giving them a home throughout the year. TIP: Artkive has a minimum of 20 pages (20 pieces of art and or photos) and a max 200. You may decide to combine years as we did depending on how much art you have.


PHOTOGRAPH ART FROM THE APP Artkive makes it super easy to photograph each piece of art from a device as simple as your iPhone directly from the app. Additionally, you do have the option of uploading photos from your library. TIP: We recommend shooting your art against a white background like a piece of art board in bright, indirect light. If you are not up for the challenge of photographing the art yourself, Artkive offers a concierge service with the option of sending your art to them for professional digitizing.


kids' art for artkive app

EDIT YOUR PHOTOS IN THE APP Artkive makes it easy to make simple adjustments within the app. We found that using the Chrome filter and just a little brightness/contrast made all the difference! If you have an iPad, we love to use our apple pen for easy photo editing inside the app.


Editing a kids art photo on an ipad in Artkive app


LAYOUT YOUR PAGES After you have edited your photos, it is time to lay out your books.  Although you cannot see the page layout on iPhone or iPad, this feature is available on the desktop. First, sync your library, then log in and pick photos for each page of your book. To point out, Artkive charges $25 for the first 20 pages and then $1/page thereafter.


Page Layout for art book in artkive app


GET A PROOF After you have laid out your pages, we recommend paying for a PDF proof of your designs. First, do a test print or show your family before purchasing. We take advantage of this option, for example, so we can share the books with our clients and make necessary changes before ordering.


PURCHASE The books come in two sizes: 8×8 and 8.5 x 11. We chose the 8.5 x 11 books that look beautiful on a bookshelf or coffee table. After you’re happy with the layout and book size you are ready to purchase your books! We recommend holding on to your favorite pieces in your child’s memento bin. Equally important, when your books arrive, we give you permission to NOT keep it all.


 How to Make Books from Your Kids' Art


SUMMARY In summary, setting limits on kept art each year can free you from a lifetime of overwhelm. After you have your Art & Memento bins set up, making books from Artkive is a breeze and it honors your kids’ work but reduces paper clutter.


How to Make Books from Your Kids' Art


BONUS Finally, because we appreciate our readers, we have a very special offer to extend to you! As an incentive, Artkive is offering a FREE USB backup if you place an order with code SIMPLYSPACED at checkout. With this in mind, have fun because we know you’ll love Artkive as much as we do! Happy Artkiving!!


Also, be sure to let us know what you think of the app. Show us photos of your book and process and use #anorganizingstory. Have fun!

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