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10 Organizing Before & After Transformations that will Blow you Away

We love a good before and after. “Take a picture” is the first step we recommend to people when they begin an organizing project. After a long day of sorting through piles and clutter, it’s common to feel discouraged by what feels like a measly bit of progress. But in our experience, progress is more tangible when you can see it.


A before picture reminds you of the progress you’ve made, which is incredibly energizing! We believe that celebrating every step of progress is the key to staying committed to the process of getting organized. Plus, it’s so fun to see the transformation before your eyes!


Celebrating every step of progress is key to staying committed to the process. Tweet me! 


Below is a collection of some of our favorite organizing before and afters. These pictures illustrate the power of decluttering and optimizing storage in a way that words cannot. Comment below and let us know which transformation is your favorite!


Wrapping Paper Closet_ Organizing Before and After //

WRAPPING PAPER OVERHAUL – Wrapping a loved one’s gift is a fun activity, but it needs to be accessible and convenient–otherwise, it’s a total drag. Jen Robin of Life in Jeneral transformed this gift closet into a fun-to-use station by maximizing vertical wall storage and eliminating all the unneeded “extras.” Looking for a quick fix for your wrapping paper storage? Check out this really convenient door & wall hanger.




Organized Pantry _ Organizing Before and After //

CONTAINED PANTRY – Specific ingredients are tough to find when the pantry is crowded, and bags are stacked and hidden. By using clear, stackable containers, Real Simple’s Rebecca Hart shows us that a pantry shelf can be wildly more organized. Grab these containers for your pantry by clicking here.



Organized Linen Closet _ Organizing Before and After //

PERFECTED LINEN CLOSET – Prepping for bedtime and bath-time just became a lot more beautiful thanks to the incredible decluttering and styling talents of Shira Gill. Read how to take your linen closet from jam-packed to perfection with her step-by-step guide: HOW TO SET UP A STYLISH + ORGANIZED LINEN CLOSET.



Organized Bedside Table // Organizing Before and After //

TIDY NIGHTSTAND – This organized nightstand transformation is a perfect example of a small, 5-10 minute project. If you’re ready to organize your home, but want to start small, start here! Before and after pictures by Jen Robin of Life in Jeneral.



Organized Pantry and Kitchen Cabinet // Organizing Before and After // Decluttering advice //

KITCHEN CABINET CONTAINED – The quickest cure for hard-to-reach items in deep cabinets is long containers. Shira Gill used labeled bins to wrangle snacks and party supplies in this kitchen cabinet. It’s simplified, streamlined, and far more stylish.



Organized Closet and Wardrobe // Organizing Before and After // Decluttering advice //

CLOSET STORAGE UPGRADE – This closet transformation by Laura Cattano of Order Obsessed showcases the benefits of maximizing vertical storage. She added three key storage fixes to take advantage of every square inch of real estate: below drawer storage, wall hooks, and a second overhead shelf.



Organized Kitchen Drawers // Organizing Before and After // Decluttering advice //

DIVIDED KITCHEN DRAWER – This kitchen drawer makeover makes all the difference come dinnertime. By adding dividers to this cooking utensil drawer, I Heart Organizing demonstrates how grouping and separating cooking tools turns a jam-packed drawer into a convenient landing spot.



Organized Linen Closet and Office Supplies // Organizing Before and After // Decluttering advice //

COMBINED STORAGE SPACES – When storage space is tight and loose items need a home, try using a spacious linen closet or cabinet for office supplies or other odds and ends. Our team combined linens with office supplies by using clear, labeled bins to keep items visible and accessible.



Organized Garage // Organizing Before and After // Decluttering advice //

GARAGE CLEAN-OUT – Garages are notorious hotspots for clutter because many of us use them as overflow landing spots. This drastic before and after by Sam of Simply Organized is one of my favorites!



Organized Closet // Organizing Before and After // Decluttering advice //

OPTIMIZED CLOSET – Our very own Monica Leed transformed this tiny closet into an optimized space by removing the large, bulky built-in dresser and maximizing space using an elfa shelving installation.