Genius DIY Lid Storage for the Kitchen

It’s no secret that organizers love simple hooks. From hats to keys, to jewelry, these simple space savers are household must-haves that come in all shapes and sizes. What we love most is discovering new uses for them. Enter Pinterest. Have you ever scrolled though Pinterest and said to yourself  “that’s a cool idea, I wonder if it really works?” Last week Melody found an amazing lid storage hack that we thought would be an absolute lifesaver if it actually worked. Since clients are always asking for lid storage ideas that don’t break the bank, I had to put it to the test. The inspiration pic was blurry and without links or info, so we set out create our own version using simple cable hooks. Not only does this easy hack work, but it’s space saving, problem solving and makes me wonder how I ever operated without it. What’s he best part? It only cost me $1.50. Here the basics for making DIY lid storage in your kitchen:


1. Count how many lids you have in total. I had four that were usually piled up on one another, slipping on to the floor, or getting shuffled around in the back of a dark cabinet where I could never find them.


Small, Sturdy, Sticky Back Hooks for Lid Storage // Genius DIY Lid Storage for the Kitchen //


2. Find some small, sturdy, sticky back hooks. I found the above cable hooks at Daiso, my favorite Japanese Dollar fifty store.  You’ll need to choose hooks that will slip on to the edge of your lids. You may want to buy a few sizes and return what doesn’t work. Or be the guy who brings the pot lid to the store if that works for you.


3. Plan how many lids you can fit on the back of your kitchen cabinets by holding the lids against the cabinet interior. If you have large cabinet doors, you may be able to fit up to three lids on each door.


4. Mount by slipping two hooks on to the bottom of the lid, leaving approximately 1/3 of the lid between the hooks. Remove the sticky back, and press the lid into the cabinet where you planned for it to live. Apply pressure with the lid for 30 seconds and remove the lid.


Mount Small, Sturdy, Sticky Back Hooks for Lid Storage // Genius DIY Lid Storage for the Kitchen //


5. Wait five minutes for the adhesive to adhere


6. Place the lid in the hooks firmly holding the handle. Depending on the kind of hook, you may be done here. If your hooks have some give, you can add additional support hooks to the top.


7. Enjoy never having to worry about storing or finding your lids ever again. PS Yes, they are still holding after two weeks, and no they do not fall out when I shut the cabinets. I’m telling you, mind blown with this one.


Genius DIY Lid Storage for the Kitchen //


Photos by Kori Stanton




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