Double your pantry space with one simple craft

Once upon a time, I lived in a tiny apartment in Hollywood, with little storage space and big aspirations! Food aspirations, that is! My roommate and I used one itty-bitty cabinet as our entire pantry. We would cram our food items into the small space by stacking them high and hoping that the mountain of food wouldn’t topple over every time we opened the cabinet doors.

Looking back now, I wish I would have considered using glass jars to display some of my dry food items on a shelf or countertop. Streamlining dry foods by storing them in transparent containers is a great tip I’ve learned as an organizer.  Moving these items out of the pantry frees up space in a tiny kitchen!

If your kitchen is busting at the seams and needs a bit of reorganizing, consider these chic DIY food jars. Marij Hessel, of Enter My Attic, used just a few supplies to create this striking jar display. We love when creativity meets organization! Bring a little art and personality to your kitchen jar collection with this fantastic DIY. Thank you Marij for sharing this fun project with our readers.


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Create a Glass Jar Display for Your Dry Food Items // Double Your Pantry Space with One Simple Craft //



  • Spray paint in the colours that you like
  • Tape
  • Tweezers or a needle
  • Alphabet stickers
  • Glass jars


For the full tutorial, visit Enter My Attic.


Create a Glass Jar Display for Your Dry Food Items // Double Your Pantry Space with One Simple Craft //


Pictures by Marij Hessel

aboutMarij Hessel’s passion for interior styling, thrifting, DIY projects, and traveling is so apparent with one look at her site. Marij’s colorful, cheerful, Holland home is our latest obsession. You can find all the things she makes, loves, visits and sees over at Enjoy!

  • Kara Parhiala
    September 8, 2015

    This article has been such a great help not only with space being freed up but also my kitchen looks ten times better. I always kept my nuts, quinoa, chia seeds and other grains in their original bags but transferring them into food jars have made all the difference. Not only does it look better because they aren’t in bags of all sizes and cluttered on my shelf but they are displayed in different sized jars and it’s easier to find. I haven’t had the time to spray paint and add a cute design but since its glass I’m able to look through and know what it is.

    May 19, 2017

    If you have an under-the-sink cabinet, make the most of the limited space with a narrow, two-tiered shelf that fits perfectly between the pipes and the side of the cabinet.


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