3 Reasons to Organize your Closet in Spring

3 Reasons to Organize your Closet in Spring // simplyspaced.com

Written by Tee of Beautiful Living 


Earlier in the year, I stated in this post that I was inspired to do more “home organization” this year. While I’ve done a few small organization projects during the winter months, it is really during the spring that I do the bulk of my “sort and purge” projects. Yesterday was a perfect example because I spent almost an entire day cleaning out my bedroom closet. With 4 bags of trash and 3 bags of clothes for donation, I’d say it was a successful mission! In today’s post, I’d like to share 3 Reasons to Organize Your Closets Right Now.


Buying Clothes Over and Over Again // 3 Reasons to Organize your Closet in Spring // simplyspaced.com



If you’re like me, you buy most of your clothes during the spring and summer months. Those are the months when we socialize the most — hello. 🙂 If you do not sort through that overcrowded bedroom closet of yours, you will be buying yet another blue and white striped summer top. I’m convinced that the main reason why we often buy the same clothes over and over again is because we forget that we have them in our closet! I’m not saying that we throw our clothes haphazardly into our closets, all balled up. What I am saying is that tucking them all the way back, however neatly folded, has led us to buying 3 of the same tops!


So, before you end up buying another clothing item that you already own, please take some time to empty out your closet and sort through the existing items.

Can’t Stand Seeing The Pile Of Clothes // 3 Reasons to Organize your Closet in Spring // simplyspaced.com




Face it, the pile of clothes on top of your dresser has been irritating you for weeks months. Some of these clothes should have been hung back into your closet but because there is no free hanger in sight, the top of your dresser was the next best place.


Piling clothes on top of things such as dressers, chairs, treadmills seem to have a magnetic power. Before you know it, a small pile of clothes has morphed into a full load of laundry. For me, it’s mostly the little trinkets of things that clutter up the top of my dressers. Well, I was very aggressive yesterday at tossing things out. If I didn’t miss those things the last couple of months, I likely threw them out. The items that I thought could be useful for someone else, I simply placed them in my “Donate” bag.




With the nice, sunny weather upon us, the last thing you should do on a “free” day is to spend it on cleaning out your closet. On these nice days, you want to go into your closet and pick out your ideal outfit without sifting through the clutter. You want to be enjoying your iced latte outside instead of drinking your coffee at home, getting ready to brace your day indoors, doing laundry and some much needed closet organization.
The Weather Is Changing // 3 Reasons to Organize your Closet in Spring // simplyspaced.com

I say that at least 40% of time spent “organizing” should be time spent identifying which items need to be thrown out or donated. As much as closet organization is about placing items in neater form, it is equally as important to rid your closet from items that give no sparkle to your wardrobe.
So yes, it really is time to get rid of that Banana Republic linen dress. The last time I checked, linen still wrinkles and you still don’t enjoy ironing. ????
I felt so much better after organizing my entire room closet yesterday. My bedroom looks 110% better. So, lovely readers, is there a closet in your home that is in need of organization?


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