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Along with organizing, travel is another favorite pastime of mine. I think I inherited the travel gene from my grandparents. They traveled the world (making it to all seven continents!) and collected some amazing stories and memorabilia along the way.
As I attempt to follow in their footsteps, I often wonder what to do with the cool mementos I have from my travels. Here are four of my favorite ideas I’ve seen on the Internet… and one bonus idea that’s inspiration from my grandparents (my grandmother to be specific)!
Full disclosure: As a Professional Organizer who works to minimize clutter, I’m a big fan of collecting memories instead of objects. However, there are some amazing tokens and treasures that are discovered when traveling.
To help minimize potential clutter build up, I encourage you to set a limit on how many travel keepsakes you can realistically enjoy. Remember, you do not need to keep every single item collected!
I love the idea of using what you collect from your travels to decorate your home. Items that have a special meaning or cool story behind them always add character and unique style! So, without further ado…
Here are 5 ideas for displaying and organizing your travel tokens.

Shadow Box for Mementos // The Organized Traveler //

These are perfect for highlighting small souvenirs from a particular trip or favorite destination. If you have several trips you’d like to show off, these would look really great displayed in gallery wall. image via Design a Glow

Keepsake Box for Mementos // The Organized Traveler //

A wooden box is a more discreet way to store your memorabilia, and they look terrific placed on a bookshelf. These boxes are easy to assemble and fun to customize (you can tailor each to your style), plus they hold a lot and you don’t have to worry about arranging everything inside the box. image via designsponge

The Coffee Table Photobook for Mementos // The Organized Traveler //

You’ve probably seen these time and time again but I’m listing this idea because I think it’s a great way to nicely organize all of the photos from a trip; and better than having them just sit on your computer. There are plenty of services available that make gorgeous and high quality books… not to mention they’re easy to make. Perched on your coffee table makes them easily accessible as well, so you can relive your trip memories often. Plus, your guests may like browsing them too – it’s a great conversation starter! image via Artifact Uprising

Long-Term Storage for the Attic or Garage // The Organized Traveler //

Depending on what items you are storing (and where you’ll store them, like in an attic or garage), you might consider compiling everything into protective boxes and labeling each appropriately. Set a bin limit and when you reach that limit, know that it is time to sort through each bin and re-evaluate whether you want to keep the items or not. I recommend using airtight containers, like plastic boxes, for storage.

Display Frames for Mementos // The Organized Traveler //

My grandmother collected spoons from all of the places that she visited. She then set the spoons in frames and displayed all the frames in a gallery wall. It was always so fun to go to their house and look at all the spoons of different shapes, sizes and colors. And dream about the destinations! I’ve also seen this idea used with foreign coins, key chains, or postcards… there are countless possibilities!  image via apartment therapy


Do you have a favorite idea that wasn’t featured? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below. Happy traveling!



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