Dollar Dish Display

It’s no secret that I love pretty little dishes. After years working in the art department, I’ve run across tons of these little treasures in antique stores, thrift shops, dollar stores, and even my grandmother’s pantry. The ultimate re-purposing item, I’ve listed some of my favorite uses for these unique multi-taskers.


Use a Dollar Dish Display for Jewelry // Dollar Dish Display //


1. Jewelry display: in the bathroom, on a vanity or next to the kitchen sink, these catchalls, are great for careful storage of your precious jems. Keep them in clusters, or one in each room that you work in, so that you always have a place to take off your jewels at the end of the day.


2. Office supplies: Binder clips or paper clips, pins or post-its, a little dish can add charm, character and utility to any office space.


3. Soap dish: Perfect for the bathroom, guest room, or even in the kitchen, your favorite plate, dish or saucer can store and display those pretty soaps. Thought about putting out a fresh bar of soap for your out-of-towners?


What other uses do you have for re-purposing your tiny dishes?




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