15 Minute Clutter Buster: Sock Drawer

Socks, Socks, Socks! How much of your sock drawer do you actually wear? Be honest. Half? a Third? I recently realized that every time I opened my sock drawer, I was digging through at least 10 pairs that I never wear in order to find my typical pair of white or black ankle socks. Why was I holding on to those 10 extra pairs? They were just getting in my way, slowing me down in the morning, and kind of annoying the crap out of me! So I spent 10 minutes of my day reducing this unnecessary sock clutter, and I’m loving the results!


  • Toss: tattered, dingy & single socks
  • Donate: pairs you never wear
  • Separate: like with like
  • Store: fold or roll neatly


Bonus Step: Repurpose shoe boxes, containers, or bins as drawer dividers, or get a more custom look with these adjustable drawer dividers.


Socks, Socks, Socks! // 15 Minute Clutter Buster: Sock Drawer // simplyspaced.com


Image via Better Homes and Gardens 



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